Data Analytics Recruitment with a Difference

We create data every single day. From our online presence and social profiles, to our commute in the morning, everything we do can be tracked and measured in data and statistics. As the prevalence of data in our lives grows, so too does the importance of data & analytics roles in our businesses. Whether it’s a small start-up or a top tier bank, how you collect, interpret, and report on this data is the difference between great business decisions and avoidable mistakes.


Finding the perfect candidate for every data & analytics role should be a top priority. At Blink Recruitment, we have a deep understanding of both the recruitment and data & analytics industries. We recognise the importance of filling roles with the best person for the job, not just the most convenient applicant at the time. We dedicate ourselves to filling your company positions with candidates who have the required skills, integrity, and enthusiasm to help your business thrive.

Dedicated to Filling Data & Analytics Roles with Integrity & Expertise

This is where Blink Recruitment offers a different kind of service. With more than a decade of experience in agencies and internal recruitment functions, specifically recruiting for data & analytics roles, we strongly believe in finding the perfect fit for every position. We are a knowledge-based service operating in Melbourne, with a vast network of industry connections to assist us in finding the best applicant for every role. 


We are a boutique recruitment agency specialising in data & analytics and offering a personal connection with our clients and their needs. Our network is established across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and other major cities including international partners such as London. Learn more about Blink Recruitment’s history and mission on our About Us page.


Our Key Areas

·        Data Science & Advanced Analytics

·        Data Insights

·        Digital Analytics

·        Data & Technology

·        Data Governance 

·        Risk & Finance


Within these fields we can assist with recruitment at every level and any length of employment, including permanent hires, contract roles, and executive search.


Our team are also available for onsite consulting, a relatively new and different recruitment and review service. We can provide assessments of your current data & analytics strategy, advise on the most beneficial team structure and discuss resources required to fulfil this. We work with both existing teams to improve their current systems and attract ideal candidates, as well as with companies new to the area to create an effective data & analytics strategy for their recruitment process.


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A boutique recruitment agency specialising in the data & analytics industry. Working with some of Australia’s largest companies to provide honest, expert recruitment for roles at every level.


Leveraging our vast network of industry connections and our expertise in both data & analytics and recruitment to fill vacancies with integrity and expertise.


We firmly believe in the power of choosing the best candidate. We promise to deliver candidates who exceed expectations by working closely with you to understand your unique needs.


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