About Us

Bringing Together Businesses and Candidates for the Perfect Fit

When a recruitment agency attempts to specialise in too many areas, they lose out on in-depth knowledge of the roles being recruited for. Specialising solely in data & analytics, Blink Recruitment aims to provide a knowledge-based service with the appropriate background in both recruitment and data & analytics to find the perfect fit for every role.


A qualified team within the data & analytics field is a valuable entity for companies of any size and a truly niche recruitment agency can help you find the rarest candidates. With our vast network of industry connections, both in Australia and overseas, we have access to some of the most sought after experts in their field.



Our History

Seasoned recruiter and data & analytics industry expert Stuart Garland began Blink Recruitment after noticing a gap in the market for specialist recruiting agencies. With more than 13 years of experience in recruiting – specifically in the data & analytics field – he recognised an overly general approach to recruiting for these highly specific, important roles. He believes a personal approach to business and recruitment is the best way to reach highly sought-after candidates and fit them to the ideal role, both for the candidate and the company.


Throughout his successful recruiting career, Stuart has built a vast network of industry connections within Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and many cities overseas. With a vision to bring his Melbourne-based business onto the national and international stage, these connections are invaluable to the process of sourcing rare candidates for either permanent, contract, or executive recruitment.


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