As a relatively new industry, data & analytics is still growing in Australia, and until recently standard recruitment services were able to keep up with demand. With major companies across the country recognising the importance of data, their recruitment services require a more nuanced, specialist approach. Blink Recruitment focuses entirely on recruiting for the data & analytics industry across all levels of roles and in six key areas. Throughout a highly successful career in recruitment, owner-operator Stuart Garland has developed a deep understanding of both the recruiting process and the unique needs of the data & analytics industry.


Below is a list of our key areas and the services we provide within these.

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Many complex business issues can be easily resolved with data, but it requires a particular skillset to do it. Data science and advanced analytics combines data inference, algorithm development, and technology applications to create a role that covers mathematics, technology, and business strategising. 


We understand the ins and outs of these complex roles and will only recommend candidates who can perform all the myriad of tasks efficiently. With a qualified data scientist in your business you can achieve great things.

Data Insights

This area of expertise covers insights, campaign analytics, or marketing analytics, and other areas of data analysis. It’s the place where we can tell the story of the data and extract meaning from what has been gathered. While it may sound like something open to a wide range of skillsets, it takes particular training to interpret data and find causation, as opposed to correlation. With an effective data insights team at your company, you can gain true insight into your business decisions.

Data Governance & Quality

 As the importance of data grows, so too does its value. Data governance covers all the aftereffects of collating and housing data on your business, your clients, and your competitors. Handling the governance and quality sides of your data and procedures, this is arguably one of the most important roles if you intend to use data heavily in your business. A thorough data governance team is essential to the future applications of your data and should be a high priority.


Data Engineers & Technology

The more data you collect, the larger the systems you require to access it. Data engineers and architects are the first port of call for businesses looking to plan and build applications to house and interpret their data. Our recruitment services consider the size of your business and the data needs that come along with it. We will find data engineers and technology professionals  who can effectively implement your business plans, whether that involves Cloud or BI platforms, custom applications or any other data & analytics function. 





Focusing on data gathered from online interactions, digital analytics is all about customer behaviour and experiences. It covers broad but well known areas such as Adobe & Google Analytics, SEM and SEO, user experience and lead generation. Digital analytics can be used by businesses to drive their digital marketing efforts and ensure that decisions are made with measurable evidence behind them. 






Risk AND Finance

Any valuable asset, whether it’s data or profits, requires protection and risk management. It is essential for businesses to have procedures in place to identify potential issues and risks that could harm their core business. From credit risk, financial crime/forensic analytics, fraud, risk modelling to commercial analysis, data analytics within risk and finance is another essential function within your business. 



Onsite Consultancy Services

Along with our specialised recruitment services, we also offer onsite consultancy. It’s a new and different service which cannot be found in a typical recruitment agency. It requires an intimate knowledge of the data & analytics functions within a company, to effectively strategize, advise and create a space for a skilled team in your business. Our services cover every step in this process from how teams are structured to change management, resource consultancy and onboarding new candidates. If you are new to data & analytics and would like a more entrenched recruiting experience, our onsite consultancy is a great place to start.

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